Tobacco vaporizers: users profile, utilization patterns, perceived benefits, risks and effects on cigarette consumption (1/3)
(e.g.: iQos or Ploom, Magic Flight, Da Vinci, Atmos, etc.)

Answer only if you have already used a tobacco vaporizer

Important information:
You have to distinguish 3 terms that refer to 3 different products:
The term "cigarette" refers to the "real" combustible cigarette
The term "e-cigarette" refers to a product that heats a liquid to give an aerosol that you can inhale
The term "tobacco vaporizer" or "vaporizer" refers to a product that heats tobacco to give an aerosol that you can inhale
1. Do you use currently a tobacco vaporizer?

Wich brand of vaporizer?
Wich model of vaporizer?
2. If you don't use anymore a vaporizer, how long did you use one during the last 12 months? In days, weeks, months
Wich brand?
Wich model?
3. Do you have the intention to use a tobacco vaporizer in the future?

4. Currently, do you smoke tobacco? cigarettes, cigars or pipe?

5. Currently, do you use oral or snuff tobacco?

6. Before using a tobacco vaporizer, were you a smoker (or a user of snuff/oral tobacco)?

7. The first time you used nicotine, wich product did you use?

8. During the last 31 days, during how many days did you smoke or use snuff/oral tobacco?
9. How old were you when you began to smoke every day or to use every day tobacco?
   I was

Questions for former smokers:
10. When did you stop smoking?
11. Before stopping smoking, how many cigarettes did you smoke per day, on average?
   I was smoking cigarettes per day

Questions for smokers: (Non smokers, please click here to continue.)

12. Currently, how many cigarettes do you smoke per day, on average? (this means only "real" tobacco cigarettes)
   I smoke currently cigarettes per day
13. Usually, how long after waking up do you smoke your first cigarette of the day ("real" tobacco cigarette)?
minutes after waking up
14. Please can you evaluate your degree of addiction of tobacco cigarettes, on a scale from 0 to 100:
I'm really not dependent=0
I'm extremely dependent on cigarettes=100

If you have already tried to stop smoking:
15. ... For how long was your most recent attempt?
   My most recent attempt lasted...
16. ... For how long was your longest attempt?
   My longest attempt lasted...
17. Currently are you trying to stop smoking?

18. Currently are you trying to reduce your tobacco consumption?

19. Do you have the intention to stop smoking?

20. If you tried to stop smoking, are you sure you could really stop?

21. If you've decided to stop, did you fix a date?

22. If you fixed a date, when is it?

Questions for all:

During the last 3 months, did one medical professional (doctor, nurse, psychologist, pharmarcist, etc.):
23. ... advise you to stop smoking?

24. ... support you to sop smoking?

25. Do you currently use a nicotine substitute? (patch, chewing-gum, pills, inhalators, nasal spray)?

26. Do you currently use an e-cigarette?

27. If you ever took a medication or product to stop smoking, please tell wich one:
28. Which medication to stop smoking did you use the most?

29. Have you ever used your tobacco vaporizer instead of one of the medications used in breaking nicotine dependency?

Questions on alcohol consumption (please answer even if you don't drink alcohol):
30. What is the frequency of your alcohol consumption? (Beer, wine, cider, alcopops, any other alcoholic drink)

31. How many glasses of alcoholic drink do you take during a typical day of alcohol consumption?

32. At wich frequency do you take 6 or more alcoholic drinks at the same occasion?

Questions on cannabis consumption (please answer even if you don't use cannabis):
33. During the last 12 months, at wich frequency did you use cannabis?

34. During the last 30 days, during how many days did you use cannabis?

Some questions on yourself:
35. Are you?

36. How old are you? You must be 18 or older to participate
36'. Wich is your country of residence?
37. How would you describe the income of your household, compared to the mean income of the other household?

38. In your household, how many people smoke (you included)?
   There are smokers in my household
39. Do your spouse/fiancé smoke?

40. During how many hours per week are you exposed to the tobacco smoke of other people?
hours per week
41. Do you suffer from any disease due to tobacco?

42. In general, would you say your health is:

Next questions are about 'how you felt' during the last 4 weeks:
43. Did you feel calm and relax?

44. Did you feel a lot of energy?

45. Did you feel sad and depressed?

Any comment: