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Sick Smokers :

Marie-Lise (60 years ) - Nationality Canadian - 04 January 2005
"I am a 60 year old woman, soon to be 61. I've been smoking since I was 14 (to be like everyone else when I started working, as I was the youngest and didn't want people to think I was a baby). I coughed to the point of nearly coughing my lungs out. I decided to see my doctor about it because I had pain all down my left side in the lung, neck, back and arm, as well as having blackouts. I hadn't had an x-ray in 5 and a half years. The doctor said, we're going to do an x-ray. A week later he wanted to see me in his office (at that point I knew). He told me I had a lump of 3cm by 2.5cm on the top of my left lung. So, in July I started all my tests. Cancer. Malign or benign, we had to wait and see. I had an operation on 27 September and spent 3 weeks in hospital. When I came out on 14 October my sister picked me up and stayed at mine for 4 days and smoked in the house, even though I hadn't touched a cigarette in weeks. She promised she wouldn't, but what can you do? I started smoking again and I'm still smoking, but I know full well that this cancer will come back somewhere else, if it hasn't already. Tonight, 4 January 2005, I've got 12 cigarettes left and I won't buy any more. So whether you're young or old, believe me it doesn't just happen to other people. QUIT NOW, for your health and maybe your life. I'm in remission and I'm scared. What you need to understand isnext time it could be YOU. From a mother who is scared. I'm quitting today for goodI mean it. Thanks for reading."
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