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Beauty/Pregnancy/Children :

Jan (33 years ) - Nationality American - 20 June 2002
"I started smoking when I was 15 years old...it was the "cool" thing to do at the time(if only we could go back with the knowledge we have today!) I HAD (note past tense) asthma at the age of 20 from smoking. I coughed all of the time. I tried to quit smoking when I was 21 years old. It worked for about 6 months and then my mom died...heck of an excuse...I tried to quit 6 times after that, each time failing misserably...sometimes only "stopping" for a week. Each time I tried to quit and started back, it made it harder to even try to quit. Almost like yo-yo dieting...loose the weight only to gain it plus more back. I would quit smoking only to start back smoking more and have a harder time the next time I tried to quit. When I say I had a hard time I mean I cried almost all the time for 3 straight days. Finally I quit when I got pregnant. I was almost 5 months into the pregnancy before I prayed about it and told God that I obviously couldn't quit without help but I didn't want to be pregnant and smoking...I got a really severe cold and couldn't smoke! I never picked it up again...my baby weighed 9lbs 9oz's at birth and is now almost a year old. Now, at 33, I no longer suffer from asthma. I don't so much as cough now, much less wheeze. Unfortunately, I still crave those nasty, stinky cancer sticks and that is why I wish I could go back and not ever start."
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