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Help and advice on quitting smoking

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Help and advice on quitting smoking

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Naomi (32 years ) - 24 March 2004
"I started having the odd cigarette at the age of 14 or so but it was not until I went to university at 18 that I started smoking every day - this despite the fact that I have had asthma since childhood. I loved smoking and during my twenties never thought about giving up. When I hit 30 I realised that I was not infallible and started thinking about the health implications rather than just social ones. My first attempt to quit was in January 2002. I woke up one morning and said I wasn't going to smoke again. I did really well for three months but hadn't figured on the weight gain. I put on 20 pounds. I then made the fatal mistake of thinking I could have "just one" and 4 months after quitting was smoking as much as ever. It took me nearly two years to stop again and it's now been 3 months without a puff. This time I got educated and read the whyquit.com website every day. I also learned to watch what I eat and I haven't put on a single pound. It is without doubt the best thing I have ever done for myself."
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