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Relapse/Failure :

Belinda (43 years ) - Nationality causican - 14 November 2006
"The last time I stop smoking was a little over a year - I had it beat at least I thought so - I stop with the gum and then after about 6 months stop the gum. I quit for almost 2 years. I exercise almost every day (I was determine I would not gain weight) I felt better I had more energy and surprisely I had more confidence. I did not have to worry if I smelled like a cig. Oh I know what you are all thinking she proably did not smoke for along time. I started smoking when I was 14 and now I am 43. back to my story I thought I had it beat, but there was one thing that I did not count on and that was the depression and anxiety after I quit - I would find myself sad for no reason - and I was constantly worried about my children scared something would happen to them. It was so bad that I would wake in the middle of the night shaking. I felt that something was missing and I knew deep down it was the cig. causing me to feel the way. So yes I did pick up the cig. again and now I am thinking about trying to quit once again why I ask myself I do not want to feel sad - but I know it is the addiction that weaken me. I am building myself up again to quit in the next 30 days. I wish everyone out there good luck"
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