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Help and advice on quitting smoking


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Anonymous (59 years ) - Nationality French - 01 March 2021 - Share on: Facebook - Twitter
"Good evening everyone, I am back after more than 5 years of absence on this site. First of all I wanted to tell you that in February 2020 it will be 6 years since I stopped smoking cigarettes and frankly I have no desire to start again nor to smoke even a drag...I have severe lung emphysema and to stop the killer was essential to continue breathing just about normally... And if I managed to stop overnight, was largely thanks to "STOP TOBACCO"... In fact, some testimonies had upset me, some others had encouraged me, and others had made me known sites, aid… And then at the beginning I followed some people and I came every day in the "train"... I didn’t want to disappoint some of them, or just myself... Being proud of oneself is part of the healing!... So if I’m here tonight is to tell those who are trying to stop, those who have stopped, those who are struggling to begin to stop...To all of you I say "ABOVE ALL DON’T GIVE UP" Don’t let this fake friend kill you by inches, stop fattening up the SEITA (French tobacco monopoly).... Believe me it’s possible! And if you don’t have any diseases due to tobacco, then GO for it because it is delicious to regain freedom, smell, taste, breath... the clear skin tone, the good breath, and to be able to buy small gifts with the money saved! I regret that I didn’t do it before my illness because I will never get back the ability to breath that I lost again! I wish you a safe journey on the train of freedom! <br>Testimony translated from it's French original version "

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