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Help and advice on quitting smoking


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Allen Carr :

hannah (33 years ) - Nationality british - 28 January 2006 - Share on: Facebook - Twitter
"I smoked for approximately 16 years and made lots of attempts to stop smoking. I tried different methods to help me stop; nicotine replacement, smoking cessation classes, willpower. I tried and failed so many times I was absolutely convinced I would continue to smoke until it finally killed me. Then, a few weeks ago i spotted Alan Carr's "Easyway to Stop Smokng". I remembered somebody telling me years ago that they had used the book to stop smoking successfully. I was sceptical then and I was still sceptical whe i spotted the book, but I was desperate and thought it was worth a try. THIS BOOK IS AMAZING. Please give it a try, it can't make things any worse. It's really hard to believe until you read the book but you will find stopping smoking so easy. If i had to summarise the book in one sentence i would say that it changes the way you think about smoking on a fundamental level and completely alters your relationship with tobacco. Alan Carr is an extremely intelligent man, his understanding of the psychology of smokers is amazing, more so because he is able to explain this psychology so a child can understand it. I am honestly not on commission from Alan Carr or penguin books but smokers please, please read this book, it could change your life! Since i stopped smoking using the "Easyway" I have given the book to my partner who has also stopped smoking with no difficulty. "

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hannah  28 January 2006