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Heart disease/heart attacks :

David (45 years ) - Nationality White - 08 May 2001
"After 25 years of Teaching Emergency Medical Care to Others,including the risk factors of a Coronary Artery Diease, at age 45 I had a Heart Attack. I woke at 12:50AM with Chest pain and quickly recognized the symptoms, Nusia, Radiation of the pain, Ect. I had my wife drive me to the Emergency Room. It was at this point Knowing I could Die I smoked My Last Cigarette. As I lit up I promised my self that one way or the other It was going to be my last. Well I survived and kept my promise. I was lucky Although the Heart Attack could have been severe I had only minimal damage, and now 4 months later I feel better than before. being Smoke Free is the best thing I have ever done. As Far as My Risk Factors, Other than smoking, I have a Family History but no other. I Have always been in good health. If You Want to Quit Just do It I never thought it would happen to me."
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