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Psychological counseling and support :

Ann (37 years ) - Nationality American - 20 June 2002
"I smoked from the time I was 15 until right before my 30th birthday. I decided that if i could quit then, I could say I hadn't smoked for more than half my life. I was almost up to 2 packs a day when I quit. I decided to quit cold turkey because then there could never be an excuse for not being able to quit if I started back. For example, I could say that I was trying to get an appointment with the doctor so I could get my patch prescription. Knowing myself, I know that I would never go to the doctor to get the prescription and I would have kept smoking for another 15 years. I am a weak-willed person, so it really surprised me that I was able to quit. I set very small (stupidly small) goals for myself. I tried to get through 15 minutes, then 15 hours, then 15 days, etc. Now I'm halfway to my 15 year goal. August 1st comes and goes and I don't even celebrate it anymore. I didn't know what to do with myself at first because the days just dragged on. I knew there would be a day in the future where I would think "Hey, it's just one" but I was prepared for it when it happened and I just walked away. Do anything but don't smoke."
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