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Help and advice on quitting smoking

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Help and advice on quitting smoking

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Nicotine replacement therapy :

Patricia (48 years ) - Nationality White - 27 2001
"I am 48 years old. I have smoked for 34 years.I haft to have major back surgery,But my doctor won't do the surgery unless I quit smoking.I started using the patch three weeks ago and I'm doing great so far.I have prayed for God to help me and I believe he has. There are so many reasons why I need to quit. I also have acute asthma, acute broncitis.I think for anyone to stop smoking you really have to have it in you're head that you want to. I pray that I can remain smoke free for the rest of my life. "
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Hélène  03 October 2005
Julia  10 2004
Patricia  27 2001
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