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Nicotine replacement therapy :

Julia (46 years ) - Nationality Canadian - 10 2004
"I quit smoking one year and one month ago after smoking for 34 years. I watched relatives, friends and my own mother battle illness due to smoking. My mother also had numerous by-pass surgeries..heart and groin and a leg amputated specifically due to cigarette smoking. Her first heart attack was when she was 40 years old. When she lost her leg she said that she always thought these things happened to other people and not to her. That woke me up. I quit successfully using the patch and after 3 months started chewing Nicorette gum because I still had the urge to smoke. I'm no longer having withdrawal symtoms from cigarettes but now find myself addicted to the gum and have been trying to quit chewing it but find the withdrawal symtoms are similar to quitting smoking...anxiety and sleeplessness. My point is I guess is that it is the lesser or the two evils. You have to do what it takes. I plan to wean myself from this gum shortly as I am going on vacation and hopefully will be too busy to think about it!"
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