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Help and advice on quitting smoking

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Help and advice on quitting smoking

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Dependence/Withdrawal :

Bonnie (64 years ) - Nationality Scandinavian - 07 March 2017
"Okay, we have hit the 7 week mark (51 days!) Sound excited? Noooo! I am so depressed, have no craving for a cigarette, because I suck on my straw ! Yep, thats my replacement strategy, don't laugh, it works. I only grab the straw once or twice a week now. Some background...I smoked 51 years, started at age 13 and am now 64 years old. Even with family, friends and doctors pleading with me to quit, my stubbornness prevailed. Then Jan 14, 2017 while enjoying my morning cup of coffee and cigarette a little voice inside me questioned Why?!!! Well I can't give a logical answer I know I casually put the cigarette out and have not had another! Wish I had taken a longer drag on that last puff!! But to the point, it has been 51 days, longest quit ever. Last time I tried my beat partners bought 5 cartons of cigarettes and had them waiting in front of my locker when I showed up for duty, with a note pleading me to go back to smoking. That alone was 30 years ago. As I search articles and testimonials for strength I have yet to read of anyone quitting after 51 years! Even my cardiologist asked 'why?' I do not know, I just knew it was time. Now that I have reached this point and the cravings have all but subsided. I am depressed, sore throat, horrible headache, sleepy and the so called 'poor me - quitters flu!! I have gone from overweight to obese (gained 20 pounds)! Okay that is off my chest! Now, getting back to motivation. I am off the couch and determined again to proceed and no I have not had a puff in 51 days!! Mind you, quitting smoking is not for the faint of heart!! You must have willpower and the patience of a Saint to get through to this point. My motivation at this stage, why would I smoke even one and have to go through this hell again!! I have an addictive personality which has been mentally driving me in the wrong direction but have, with great determination, switched it to the most powerful strategy yet...the best revenge is success!! Could not have done this without the guidance of this website Stop-tobacco!!!! Will post updates as I progress."
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