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Help and advice on quitting smoking


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More than 60 years old :

Christine (67 years ) - Nationality Belgian - 01 March 2021 - Share on: Facebook - Twitter
"Four years ago I was tested for COPD. I was 63 years old at that time and I smoked since I was 18. I smoked 25 cigarettes a day. I Immediately consulted a tabacologist. I have stopped a few times but nothing convincing. I was very bad in my skin at that time, anxious and stressed because I couldn’t get rid of the cigarette that was killing me little by little. I found myself in a situation where I could no longer breathe or move, being like a fish out of water. I gave up and decided to let me die because I couldn’t find the energy to fight anymore. Supported by the tabacologist I was seen to a psychiatrist who managed to free me and restore my confidence. On December 1st I stopped. I didn’t put on a patch, no electronic cigarette, just nicorette tablets. Everything goes well but with ups and downs, desires which pass quickly but are boring. It’s all about wanting and not about duty. It changes things and your life when you’re accepting, stop smoking feels softer '60 days without cigarettes, without recurrence and I’m proud of my journey. I live again, I breathe a little better but I know that everything will be done at my pace because what is lost is not recoverable. but your quality of life improves and you fly towards such a desired freedom. You have to hold on, suppress the cravings, congratulate yourself, it’s so good to be able to get your life back on track. Don’t be fooled by this little voice that prompts you to take a wrong step, drive her away with all your might, and she will eventually let go. I have my life back on track and I hope it will stay like that for the rest of my life. I’m so much better I can enjoy things that I forbade myself because I ended up believing that you don’t know how to do anything anymore, but it’s a lie. Fight for that freedom that will only bring you happiness, money, breath, will free you from the chains. It’s hard to drag a ball and chain. If I’ve done it everyone can do it, it just takes a good determination and not to be tempted anymore. Courage to you all Thank you! <br>Testimony translated from it's French original version "

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