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karen (53 years ) - Nationality Canadian - 07 May 2002
"I gave up smoking for the last time almost twenty years ago but before that I tried to quit many times. I had been worrying a great deal about what smoking was doing to my health, what kind of example I was showing my children etc. About that time I read an issue of Life magazine which had a large, full colour, two-page picture of the lungs of a man who had died from lung cancer. I pinned it over the desk in my office and it was there for several months where I had to look at it every day. One day I thought I felt a lump in my chest. Immediately all the terrible things that could go wrong flashed through my mind. I was probably going to die of cancer. What would my children do without me? I had so many things I wanted to do with my life and I hadn't nearly started on any of them. That was the last time I ever smoked. That day I threw away my pack of cigarettes and never looked back. I am happy to say I did not suffer any long-term efeects. The lump was not a problem. My bronchitis cleared up. My sense of taste and smell are very keen. I thank Life magazine for the great favour they did for me by publishing that horrible picture."
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