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Help and advice on quitting smoking

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Help and advice on quitting smoking

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Ernest (64 years ) - Nationality ital/amer - 20 February 2002
"I started smoking at around 12 I think. I smoked as a teenager while playing sports which was A BIG MISTAKE.I remember while serving in the Navy in the 60's the first thing we would do when put to sea was buy our cigaretts in sea stores. Once past the 3 mile limit there was no tax...cigs were $.90 a carton. THATS NINE CENTS A PACK! We would put them in the refer to keep them fresh. I smoked for 37 years and consumed between 2 and 3 packs a day. The first thing I did upon waking was lite up. My family began to harass me in small ways...little notes in my pocket and taped to the mirror when I went to shave. Little notes about cigaretts and DEATH, DYING, etc. Finally, my wife arranged an appointment with THE RUSSIAN in Boston. He practiced something called BIO ENERGETICS. That was November 15, l988 at 9AM. I smoked my LAST BUTT just before I went in so I calculate I snuffed out my last one about 8:45/50 AM on that date. THE RUSSIAN was later on 60 MINUTES and many called him a quack,etc. Granted,they say, it works if one REALLY DEEP DOWN wants to quit, never the less, WHO CARES IF THEY CALL HIM A QUACK IFIT WORKS! I did not have any extreme withdrawal symptoms which puzzled me, because I had tried HYPNOSIS and COLD TURKEY to no avail and I expected weight gain and some kind of emotional disturbance but experienced none. I say : find the RUSSIAN and CLONE him on every streetcorner. This was more of a blessing in disguise that I thought at the time. Almost exactly ONE YEAR late I underwent a triple bypass and that one year did a lot to clear up my lungs and prepare me for the operation. I have made myself a promise : the next time a surgeon stands over me with a knife and saw it will be at me AUTOPSEY! Finally, and this may be important to you all. I read part of the Surgeon Generals report of 1964 and it read of a PHYSICOLOGICAL addiction. This word popped out. I always thought of it as a PHYSICAL addiction. This may be why I did not experience withdrawal (?). If I may give advise, think PHYSICOLOGICAL rather than PHYSICAL addiction.It may be the answer for some as it was for me. Maybe what they say about nipples has some truth..... PAX, ERNIE ps. I believe I would have been BURIED YEARS AGO had I not stopped smoking."


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