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23 février 2016

Le 23 Février 2016

Préparées par Jean-François Etter

iQOS: nouveau produit de tabac chauffé sans combustion presenté par PMI

Présentation très intéressante sur le nouveau produit iQOS de PMI:


et diapositives:


Campagne Smokefree: Arrête enfin de fumer!

Avez-vous, dans votre entourage, une personne que vous appréciez et que vous aimeriez vraiment voir arrêter de fumer? Alors mettez-la au défi de stopper la cigarette!


Participez au challenge Smokefree et gagnez un weekend à Adelboden


The way nicotine interacts with our brains to get us hooked is terrifying

The producers at the infographics site Column Five recently made this graphic to show how quickly and easily our bodies can become primed to use nicotine....


Werner Herzog on Creativity, Self-Reliance, Making a Living of What You Love, and How to Turn Your Ideas Into Reality

Werner Herzog is celebrated as one of the most influential and innovative filmmakers of our time, but his ascent to acclaim was far from a straight trajectory from privilege to power. Abandoned by his father at an early age, Herzog survived a WWII bombing that demolished the house next door to his childhood home and was raised by a single mother in near-poverty. He found his calling in filmmaking after reading an encyclopedia entry on the subject as a teenager and took a job as a welder in a steel factory in his late teens to fund his first films. These building blocks of his character tenacity, self-reliance, imaginative curiosity shine with blinding brilliance in the richest and most revealing of Herzog's interviews... Read the article :


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