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21 janvier 2014

La newsletter de stop-tabac: les sujets clés de l?actualité mondiale sur le tabagisme

Sélection réalisée par Jean-François Etter

Le 21 janvier 2014

- Nouveau sur l'appli Stop-cannabis: forum de discussion
- Arrêter de fumer en groupe, c'est possible
- Scientific Errors in the Tobacco Products Directive A letter sent by scientists to the European Union
- EU tobacco directive and e-cigarettes: maladministration complaint to European Ombudsman
- FDA: E-cigarette adverse events
- Chattez avec un médecin tabacologue

Nouveau sur l'appli Stop-cannabis: forum de discussion

Du nouveau sur notre appli pour iPhone 'Stop-Cannabis': la 'Tribu', un espace de discussion entre utilisateurs de l'appli. Veuillez tester cette nouvelle fonctionnalité et nous donner votre avis et suggestions pour l'améliorer (par retour de courriel).


Cette appli est aussi disponible sur Android, sans forum.

https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ch.unige.stopcannabis&hl=fr (20 01 2014)
(21 01 2014)

Arrêter de fumer en groupe, c'est possible

S'inscrire dans un groupe et se motiver mutuellement pour arrêter de fumer, un nouveau concept de coaching en ligne à tester !

Tout a commencé lorsqu'une bande de copains, après plusieurs tentatives d'arrêt du tabac, a décidé d'en faire un combat commun. Arrêter de fumer en groupe permet de soutenir, et d'éviter une expérience douloureuse et solitaire , explique Romain Bastide, l'initiateur. Lire la suite:...

http://www.femmeactuelle.fr/sante/news-sante/arreter-de-fumer-en-groupe-16576 (14 01 2014)
(21 01 2014)

Scientific Errors in the Tobacco Products Directive A letter sent by scientists to the European Union

We are among the key scientists in the field of tobacco and e-cigarettes whose research is cited by the EU Commission and other public bodies interested in tobacco control. We understand that the Commission and MEPs want to ensure that safe e-cigarettes are easily available for smokers who wish to switch from smoking tobacco. With e-cigarettes proving popular among smokers, there is an ethical and intellectual imperative to build policy on robust science. The stakes are high, as smoking kills 700'000 citizens in the EU each year. Several of the recitals and provisions of Article 18 of the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) which concerns e-cigarettes lack or misrepresent the scientific understanding of the relevant issues. This letter is to help you understand research findings relevant to the current TPD text.... Read more:

http://www.ecigarette-research.com/web/index.php/2013-04-07-09-50-07/149-tpd-errors (20 01 2014)
(21 01 2014)

EU tobacco directive and e-cigarettes: maladministration complaint to European Ombudsman

Why complain?

There are two ways to criticise the proposals for regulating nicotine containing products, such as e-cigarettes: substance and process.

First, on the substance of the proposals themselves I made a start on that in my reaction to the trilogue announcement: Making sense of the proposed new e-cigarette regulations. Dr Farsalinos has also hacked away at the scientific foundations used by the Commission: The European Commission has misinterpreted my scientific research on nicotine in e-cigarettes. (Update 13 Jan: now Dr Lynne Dawkins has also rejected the Commission's use of her work see her letter - not much room fro doubt there). And I have in mind a more unforgiving critique of the actual measures over the next few days. Within a month, I believe this proposal will be well and truly exposed for what it is a mess, and a mostly unlawful and counterproductive mess. This type of complaint is usually settled in court as the measures are tested against the requirements of the treaties. The treaties allow for the European Court of Justice to examine the lawfulness of the measures [see TFEU Article 263] and my post on Making bad law legal vulnerabilities in the tobacco products directive .

Second, on the process followed to get to the proposals. Regular readers will know that I think the EU institutions have gone rogue on this directive and seem oblivious to their responsibilities under the EU treaties that provide stabilising constraints on what they can do. The current proposals for regulating e-cigarettes have been hatched between October and December entirely behind closed doors driven by a rush to get it done, not to get it right. What should have happened is when the European Parliament rejected the Commission proposal to regulate these products as medicines, they should have paused and formulated a new proposal, and subject it to proper evidence based justification, impact assessment, consultation and scrutiny by national parliaments. This kind of complaint can be settled through an Ombudsman or in court.

So with the support of a group of European associations, I have made a complaint to the European Ombudsman, alleging maladministration on the part of the European Commission, in its role as guardian of the treaties and upholder of EU law. It is hard (at least for me) to tell whether an Ombudsman can require a change in process, but their involvement could either be decisive, or persuade European or domestic politicians that they need to do a proper job, and start a new legislative proposal.

Read more here:

http://www.clivebates.com/?p=1818 (14 01 2014)
(21 01 2014)

FDA: E-cigarette adverse events

Under the US Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), the FDA has posted two files, one collecting E-cigarette adverse event' reports from June 09 to June 13 and a smaller file from June to October 13. Dozens of e-cigarette users report similar adverse effects, and there is value in the accumulation of these anecdotal reports but there is one critical report, from January 2012 (pp. 108-112 of the 2009-13 file), in which an e-cigarette company employee enumerates most of those same consumer complaints but, more critically, reports she works with the firm's CEO and she details information leading her to become increasingly concerned that the product our company sells is, in its current state, not suitable for human use or consumption.

Certain names of individuals and ingredients are redacted from the text but she goes on to state that the CEO or company is willfully (sic) putting consumers at great danger and violating not only custom and import laws, but is also KNOWINGLY selling a potentially poisonous product in great quantities.

She adds: While it may not be clear at this point what the long term effects of [redacted] will be on consumers, it most certainly become evident in a few years. And thekidney (sic) and liver damages resulting from the use of [redacted] electronic cigarettes will be far greater than that of other toxins used and allowed by the FDA on concumer (sic) products.

There's more, a must read available from the links provided.

E-cigarette adverse events 6/25/13 to 10/5/13

E-cigarette adverse events 6/22/2009 to 6/25/13




(From Stan Shatenstein) (14 01 2014)
(21 01 2014)

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