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06 août 2013

La newsletter de stop-tabac: les sujets clés de l?actualité mondiale sur le tabagisme

Sélection réalisée par Jean-François Etter

Le 6 aout 2013

- Le snus diminue la consommation de cigarettes en Norvège
- British American Tobacco enters electronic cigarette market in Britain with the 'Vype'
- A great TED talk on physical activity
- Chattez avec un médecin tabacologue

Le snus diminue la consommation de cigarettes en Norvège

In Norway, snus is allowed to compete with cigarettes for market share, and over the past decades the prevalence of snus users has increased as the prevalence of smokers has decreased. In the attached paper (recently published in Drugs and Alcohol Today), I have summed up the findings from research at SIRUS (Norwegian Institute for Alcohol and Drug Research) that has tried to identify the role of snus in smoking cessation and how availability to snus in Norway has affected the magnitude of concomitant use of snus and cigarettes.

In short: snus is reported by ever-smokers to be the most preferred method for quitting, and former smokers make up the largest segment of Norwegian snus users. The quit rate for smoking is consistently observed to be higher for snus users than for smokers who have no experience of use of snus. Moreover, those using snus are more likely to have quit smoking completely or considerably reduced their cigarette smoking than users of medicinal smoking cessation products. The increase in snus use among men in Norway has not been paralleled by an increase in dual use of snus and cigarettes.

The results observed in Norway might not be extrapolated to other countries that do not have the same history of use of snus. However, there is no particular reason why it should not.

The replacement of cigarettes by snus has been the most typical pattern of use in Norway, and the availability of snus must have been beneficial to public health.

Lund KE. Tobacco harm reduction in the real world: has the availability of snus in Norway increased smoking cessation? DRUGS AND ALCOHOL TODAY j VOL. 13 NO. 2 2013, pp. 92-101 (23 07 2013)
(06 08 2013)

British American Tobacco enters electronic cigarette market in Britain with the 'Vype'

British American Tobacco has become the first tobacco company to launch an electronic cigarette in the UK, raising fears that it could eventually boost its profits with public money should the NHS begin prescribing ecigarettes as a smoking-cessation tool. Read more...

http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/british-american-tobacco-enters-electronic-cigarette-market-in-britain-with-the-vype-8737286.html (31 07 2013)

A great TED talk on physical activity

TED-Ed | 23 and 1/2 Hours

http://ed.ted.com/on/Mot8KdLT (03 06 2013)
(06 08 2013)

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