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27 novembre 2012

La newsletter de stop-tabac: les sujets clés de l?actualité mondiale sur le tabagisme

Sélection réalisée par Jean-François Etter

Le 27 novembre 2012

- Nouvelle appli Stop-Alcool pour iPhone
- Stop-cannabis.ch, votre avis nous intéresse
- Plain packaging of tobacco products plainly a success
- Chattez avec un médecin tabacologue

Nouvelle appli Stop-Alcool pour iPhone

Découvrez notre nouvelle appli pour iPhone:

Cette application ne s'adresse pas uniquement aux personnes qui essayent d'arrêter de boire ! Elle vous permet d'évaluer votre consommation d'alcool où que vous en soyez; que vous consommiez avec modération ou que vous buviez plus que vous ne le souhaiteriez.


Appli réalisée avec le soutien de la République et Canton de Genève, que nous remercions (22 11 2012)
(27 11 2012)

Stop-cannabis.ch, votre avis nous intéresse

Veuillez svp nous donner votre avis sur le site Stop-cannabis.ch en répondant à quelques questions, ici:

http://www.stop-cannabis.ch/hon_fr/satisfaction.html (26 11 2012)
(27 11 2012)

Plain packaging of tobacco products plainly a success

From 1 December 2012, Australia will be the first country in which plain packaging is mandatory for all tobacco products. Plain packaging is almost a misnomer: packs will have to show government-mandated warnings and images. They can carry only information mandated by the government, will show product names only in understated template form, and will be in nappy-brown colouring, chosen (based on research) to be as unattractive as possible.

Plain packaging is an important component of the comprehensive approach required to further reduce smoking among adults and children. It deprives tobacco companies of their last opportunity to promote their products in the community. When the National Preventative Health Taskforce, whose recommendations1 prompted the introduction of plain packaging, sought public comment, the tobacco industry advised that there is already a significant amount of regulation on tobacco products and there may now be the risk of too much, with unintended consequences of progressing further2 and Australia has passed the limit of the ability of regulations on tobacco advertising, marketing, sales and public smoking to advance health objectives.3 Their submissions provided helpful confirmation of the likely impact of plain packaging by identifying it as their greatest concern... Plain packaging owes much to the efforts over many years of health organisations, campaigners, researchers and bureaucrats; but legislation does not happen without legislators. Great credit rightly belongs to Nicola Roxon for pressing ahead with this landmark measure, and to her Parliamentary colleagues in all parties for supporting her.

December 1 is a landmark in Australian and global public health history. Australia has successfully taken on the powerful and massively resourced global tobacco industry. There is much work ahead, but this is also a time to take pride in a stunning success for public health.

Med J Aust 2012; 197 (10): 537-538.

Mike Daube, A Rob Moodie and Simon Chapman

https://www.mja.com.au/journal/2012/197/10/plain-packaging-tobacco-products-plainly-success (20 11 2012)
(27 11 2012)

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